Business valuation

We acting in concert with well experienced chartered accountants, company secretaries, financial analysts and cost accountants who are an extended part of our organizational umbrella, provide wholesome business valuation which will analyze the business as a total entity and provide a fair estimate of its market value for the purpose of acquisition/divestment and for various other reasons. The analytics adopted will vary from case to case.

Documents/information required

  • Address
  • A brief write up on the organization
  • Details of the operations
  • P&L and balance sheet (for the last five years), details of major clients
  • Future capital investment plans, list of immovable and movable assets and any other details /document that may be sought


For the asset valuation services, commercials will be based on the location, type, size and other parameters of the of the asset; it will be decided based on the specifics of the case.