Bulk Land

To elaborate, our study will cover aspects like, the development modes possible , type of development in the neighborhood, sufficiency of road width, broad price guidance & vaasthu aspects, comments on the site’s level with respect to the adjoining road or drains, sources of water and any other aspect of importance; you will get a report card specifying the plusses and minuses of the target property for aiding your decision making.

Documents/information required

For bulk land properties –
  • Address
  • Route map
  • Contact person details
  • Survey plan of the property including topo map
  • FMB sketches pertaining to the concerned survey nos.
  • Copy of the agreement with the developer/owner if any
  • Copy of patta
  • Chitta and adangal as applicable !
  • We may seek additional information / documents to ensure proper analysis !
  • There could be some site specific documents also !


For the property advisory services and technical due-diligence services, commercials will be based on the location, type, size, scope and other parameters of the of the property; it will be decided based on the specifics of the case.