Apartments & House property

To elaborate our study will cover aspects like, compliance with statutory approvals, correctness of plinth area or carpet area, broad price guidance, comments of specifications of construction, extent of completion of the work, broad vaasthu aspects,water supply & sanitation, car park sufficiency, notable structural defects (if any in the case of existing apartments ) and any other aspect of importance; you will get a report card specifying the plusses and minuses of the target property for aiding your decision making.

Documents/information required

For Apartment /house properties-
  • Address
  • Route map
  • Flat/door no. and floor no.
  • Contact person details
  • Approved plan , actual working plans, building specifications, price quoted with break up, built up area being charged
  • Amenities offered, UDS of land, copy of the agreement with the developer/owner if any and such information as may be sought


For the property advisory services and technical due-diligence services, commercials will be based on the location, type, size, scope and other parameters of the of the property; it will be decided based on the specifics of the case.