Collapse of the building preceded by the collapse of the system !!

The Chennai multistoried tower’s recent collapse killing 60 odd poor construction workers, in my view, is an incident that was waiting to happen. May be this is Chennai’s first, in terms of the magnitude, but unless effective steps are put in place in double quick time, this won&rsquo

Apartments- Making a wise choice !

Ram, a middle level executive in a corporate, has decided to buy an apartment ; he has an investible fund of Rs.15 lacs; his banker is ready to lend him upto Rs.35 lacs based on his CIBIL score. Ram has zeroed in on a few properties in a southern suburb of Chennai city

Investment on vacant plots-protect thyself !

What do you look for when you buy plots for investment ?

Ganesh , an NRI, has decided to buy a plot in the outskirts of Chennai; his idea is to use it for constructing a house a few years later once he returns to I

Big Brands also let you down !

A major developer was in the news recently all for wrong reasons; the company was handed down a hefty penalty by a statutory authority for following monopolistic and customer unfriendly practices with regard to a particular project. One must congratulate the buyers of

Trust , but verify ! A Golden rule in property investment !!

Sekar, a senior bank professional, met me recently in connection with a real estate issue. He has sold a vacant land property in the outskirts to a builder who as part consideration has given him an apartment in another on going project of his. The value, he was told,