Give a new lease to your home! Give structural repairs a chance!!

Sometime ago a friend of mine came to me with a huge set of woes related to his house at his native place. He and his wife built this house about twenty years back and it was their first immovable asset. No doubt they had some strong sentiments attached to it. But what do you do when loose materi

Techno economic survey and Due-diligence for every major business decision – why is it necessary?

Around this time last year a contractor friend of mine took his life, at a prime age of early fifties. A bold, intelligent and articulate person like him resorted to this extreme step unable to come out of the financial woes that his over trading and an obsession with improving the top line growt

Land and property prices in Chennai – the bubble will soon burst!!

Last week I negotiated two land deals and miserably failed to close them. Reason, the prices set by the land lords are so high that if I were to build apartments and sell them in the market,the realization will fall so short that I would end up incurring a huge and crippling loss. I might have to

Land buyer! protect thyself!!

Recently a well-heeled family met me with a request that I examine a piece of land in the eastern parts of Chennai they were about to buy. Its title had been confirmed by a good lawyer. The lawyer had referred the clients to me with a suggestion that I conduct a technical due-diligence of the pro

Leasing office space is no joke!

Aruna, a twenty something, petite and gregarious girl reaches her office every day by 9am sharp. A systems analyst working in a newly minted, glittering office tower that rises 15 stories up in a busy stretch dotted with IT buildings-symbolic of the new urban India growth story-she gets picked up