DeMo and its effect on the real estate market

Even as the PM made the earth shattering public address on November 8th , while the ordinary citizens of the nation went into an over drive in social media well late i

Temples of south India- how do they withstand earthquakes and last a millennium?


If you had travelled in South India –especially in the provinces of Tamilnadu- Karnataka-Andhra, you would have come across several huge temples which date back to thousands of years- litera

Chennai floods 2015-Pure cause and effect!

I have in my earlier blog dealt exclusively on the causes of flooding in various parts of Chennai; that piece was on the floods that took place in November 2015; but in retrospect it looks like a trailer and worse was to come a bit later; it seems the massive flooding that happened in the first w

Why Chennai is drowned and capsized ? Blame it on corruption & gross inefficiency!

Many of you would have read about the havoc the recent rains have caused in Chennai and its neighborhood. About 55 people have lost their lives apart from lakhs of poor people losing their properties and meager possessions. Crores of rupees worth productivity was lost. Many others suffered in myr

Project Managers! Importance of third party bill verification!!

A few years back, an industrial group who were developing a large sugar plant in Tamilnadu, asked us to get their civil contractor’s bills verified as they felt the project cost was shooting up and they were skeptical of the quality of check exercised by their team of site engineers. After